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Backstage Tulipina workshop in Portofino My Life Backstage Tulipina workshop in Portofino - 2017 Just imagine to walk in an ancient room full of blooming flowers. A window overlooking the sea, the sound of the waves... All that beauty in such a s... Portrait session in Italy – Make like a Tree Personal Portrait session in Italy - Make like a Tree - Sergey Onischenko Sergey comes from Ukraine and he's a folk musician that wander around Europe with his guitar bringing his lovely music everywhere. He ... Behind the scenes: Werifesteria – a personal project Personal Behind the scenes: Werifesteria - a personal project Today I want to show you how my last personal project was born, a little behind the scenes of Werifesteria. I can't remember the precise moment w... Werifesteria personal project Personal Wer - if - est - er - i - a Old English -to wander longingly in the forest in search of mistery See the behind the scenes here. Concept&photography: Gi... Portrait boudoir session in Italy / Beatrice Personal Portrait boudoir session in Italy: Beatrice Last March I had the incredible opportunity to share a beautiful Italian Villa with a group of amazing photographers. We are a group of colleagues that lo... Portrait Session on Film: Silvia / Italy Film Photographer On Film A Film Portrait Session: Silvia As wedding photographer I'm actually spending a lot of time in front of my computer screen feeling tired and overwhelmed. Working hard isn't a problem for me but to ... Judged New Collection 2016 / Lookbook Personal In November I had the amazing opportunity to shoot an editorial for Judged Lookbook in the beautiful Palazzo d'Arco in the heart of Mantova city. I really loved the amazing garden even if it was a col... Fashion editorial for Judged SS collection Personal Fashion editorial for Judged SS collection. It was an amazing day! I loved the light, the colors, the amazing team. Brand: Judged by Carmentea Tsaparopulos Model: Maura Manocchio Make up: Ange...