Southern Italy on the road

January 5, 2018

Southern Italy on the road – roadtrip in Puglia – Basilicata – Calabria

I’m happy to share with you our Southern Italy on the road trip from last Summer.
It was such a lovely holiday!
From places to food I can tell you that everything was beyond than amazing.
We started from Apulia then moved to Basilicata and Calabria. After this trip we definitely realized that we aren’t beach people, we prefer to explore and wander.

We visited a lot of beautiful typical towns, stunning views and abandoned places (like an ancient completely isolated monastery in Tursi).

Day 1 – Termoli
We stopped in Termoli to rest one night on our way to Apulia. We booked a lovely places in the countryside called Casetta don Carlino.

Day 2 – Alberobello
We arrived in Alberobello in the morning and after spending few hours in the beautiful typical streets, we had a very tasty Apulian lunch. Then we moved to the amazing Masseria Catucci to rest because it was very hot in the central hours of the day.

Day 3 – Ostuni
‘The white city’ is absolutely stunning, the best way to explore it is getting lost in its lanes and streets.
We stayed in a typical Masseria surronded by olive trees called ‘Oltre gli Ulivi’. In the morning we had the greatest Southern Italy breakfast ever! Highly recommended!

Day 4 – 5 – Matera
I can’t describe Matera in few words. It’s such an incredible city.
At first sight it seems like a fairytale, a place where the time stops. But with an in-depth look the Sassi zone is full of contrasts. You are absolutely fascinated by the view, at the same time you can feel the grief of the people that lived in the indigence till not too many years ago. In some places the caves seem carved with hands and you can almost feel the anger and misery of whose lived there.
You lost yourself in the countless alleys and it’s so incredible to see houses carved in layers and layers like they are sinking down in the earth.
This mixture of beauty and pain is so weird!

Day 6 – On our way to Tursi
We moved to Tursi exploring the wild heart of Basilicata that is full of amazing views.
At some point it reminds me of West America’s deserts and canyons.
Tursi is a little town, the ancient part is called ‘La Rabatana’ and was the old Arabian district.
We stayed in the amazing ‘Orangerie Retreat‘ in Rabatana hosted by Martine Greslon, an amazing rustic place in the heart of the ancient quarter.
The day after we found an old abandoned monastery on the opposite hill and we decided to explore it. We were alone and the atmosphere was so unreal! We’ve seen some beautiful ancient frescos partially covered with more recent molding and stucco and old graves open up.
Day 7 – Basilicata coast to coast
Moving to Castrovillari we saw a lot of amazing views of Basilicata. We stopped at the ancient sanctuary of Santa Maria di Anglona but we couldn’t see it inside because there was a wedding hosted there.
The typical canyons that we crossed all day is called ‘calanchi’ here.
We visited Craco, a ghost town that was abandoned for danger of collapse. The tour is hosted by a group of volunteers that are very passionate about what they do.
We arrived in Castrovillari after a long day driving through the wild country.
We stayed in the lovely Agriturismo Fonte di Maroglio where we felt like home. In the night we enjoyed a big typical Southern Italy dinner with karaoke too, it was one of the most beautiful time of all the last Summer.
We promised to go back again in this amazing place!

Day 8-10 – Scalea
We rented a little apartment in Scalea to spend some time by the sea.
The truth is that we missed the sense of freedom of the past days and we felt a little bit upset by the beach.
Anyway the old part of the town is rustic and picturesque an full (I mean really full) of steps.
Day 12 – On the way to home
Before move to home we spent a night in Giulianova just to divide the long travel in two.
During all the road trip we saw a lot of fire in the wood place or on the mountains caused by the heat of those days.

It was an unforgettable roadtrip and it leaved us a lot of amazing experiences and people met.
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ma che voglia di viaggiare che fa venire!! 🙂

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