Southern Italy wedding photographer

Planning a dreamy wedding in Southern Italy? I’d love to hear from you!
I’m Giovanna, a destination and Southern Italy wedding photographer. 
I love to capture flying moments in a candid, spontaneous and joyful way.
Even when I’m not shooting a wedding my eyes are always in search of wonders.
I think that photography is the best way to keep in contact with beauty and, most of all, with people.
I’ve been passionate about stories since when I was a child and today I’m always happy to meet couples and take care of their memories.

Photography is an incredible way to stop the time. Memories are something that we need of, something that connect us to our inner roots. For me it’s always a great honor to document such important moments.

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Amalfi Coast – Ravello – Maratea – Salento – Favignana – Cilento – Napoli