Springtime couple session in Giardino di Boboli – Art&Evalin

December 20, 2018


A couple session in Giardino di Boboli – Florence

It was May, and the world was blooming wonders.
Eva Lin is a talented fine art photographer from US and one day mailed me about her upcoming trip in Italy and asked for photograph each other and share a day together.

She and her husband had a wedding to shoot in Tuscany and they decided to spend some days to enjoy Italy. As I was shooting a wedding nearby Florence too during that weekend, me and Gianni were beyond than happy to meet them in the city.
We’ve spent a lovely afternoon in Giardino di Boboli, surrounded by the beauty of Spring. It’s a dreamy place in the heart of Florence.

Sometimes destiny puts inspiring people on our path, these people are like a gift for the soul.

couple-session-at-giardino-di-boboli_0133 Engagement session in Boboli Garden couple-session-at-giardino-di-boboli_0135 Engagement session in Boboli Garden engagement-session-florence couple-session-at-giardino-di-boboli_0135 engagement-session-florence couple-session-at-giardino-di-boboli_0141 couple-session-at-giardino-di-boboli_0141 couple-session-at-giardino-di-boboli_0141 couple-session-at-giardino-di-boboli_0141 couple-session-at-giardino-di-boboli_0145 couple-session-at-giardino-di-boboli_0145 couple-session-at-giardino-di-boboli_0145 couple-session-at-giardino-di-boboli_0145 A couple photosession in Giardino di Boboli, Springtime couple session in Giardino di Boboli – Art&Evalin couple-session-at-giardino-di-boboli_0145 couple-session-at-giardino-di-boboli_0152 couple-session-at-giardino-di-boboli_0153 couple-session-at-giardino-di-boboli_0153 couple-session-at-giardino-di-boboli_0153 couple-session-at-giardino-di-boboli_0153engagement-session-florence



Me and my fiancée are planning trip to Tuscany from 28th June until 8th July, we would like to have an engagement photo shoot.
Can you please let me know your prices and availability ?


Hello Inese, of course it would be wonderful to meet you in Florence!
I’ve just send you my brochure at your email address with all the details about engagement shoots.
Hope to see you there!

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