Inspiration shoot: Primavera / Palazzo Camozzini / Verona wedding photographer

When me and Elisa from Scelta di classe had the great opportunity to shoot at the beautiful Palazzo Camozzini in the heart of Verona, we immediately thought of the beauties of the Renaissance. For this styled shoot we were inspired by the masterpiece ‘Primavera’ of the great painter Sandro Botticelli, so we wanted to create a soft, delicate mood. We have chosen a warm palette with green and pale rose tone and started to work on the details. It was a great experience! I love to create something that start as an idea in my mind and to see it become reality. Elisa is a great workmate and we are now thinking about the next project together that I can’t wait to realize.

A big thanks to the wonderful Giovanna from Palazzo Camozzini, Marianna Lanzilli for join our project with enthusiasm, Monica Chicconi for her talent, Matteo and Gianni for helping us.
A special mention to Vivai Feder for the amazing work on decorations and Marco Berton for the flowers.

Event design and styling: Scelta di Classe
Wedding dress: Marianna Lanzilli
Make up: Monica Chicconi
Venue: Palazzo Camozzini / Verona
Flowers: Marco Berton
Decoration: Vivai Feder

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