Whimsical wedding inspiration shoot at Villa Bono

It was 2019 when these photos were taken but yet this wedding inspiration shoot at Villa Bono is still actual with its mood.
Immersed in the charming setting of Vaprio d’Adda stands Villa Bono, an XVIII century architectural gem with timeless allure. Its ancient walls safeguard old stories in an oniric and evocative atmosphere.

In this dreamy scenario, I planned an inspiration shoot with Benedetta from I fiori di San Lorenzo with the aim of highlighting the charm of this dwelling and inspiring future couples. We truly unleashed our creativity, allowing ourselves to experiment and create something truly unique. And that’s exactly why I love participating in these creative projects, they give me the ability to express myself freely.

Wedding inspiration shoot at Villa Bono
Wedding inspiration shoot at Villa Bono

Wedding inspiration shoot at Villa Bono: the creative concept

Splitted into three parts, this photographic narrative unfolds among frescoed halls rich in charm. A moment of outdoor shots was planned in the garden, but, due to heavy December rain, we were forced to focus only on the interiors. Nevertheless, the rainy and dark day still gave us a suspended, almost dreamy light atmosphere.

Wedding inspiration shoot at Villa Bono
Wedding inspiration shoot at Villa Bono

A romantic dream

The first part of this narrative is an ode to pure romanticism. Inside the villa, Benedetta set up a table adorned with suspended flowers delicately dancing among the frescoed walls, creating a fairytale atmosphere. It’s as if nature itself merges with art, creating an enveloping symphony of colors and scents.
Respecting the mood and spirit of the place, timeless inspirations like these are created.

Wedding inspiration shoot at Villa Bono
Wedding inspiration shoot at Villa Bono

Glamour and fashion mood

The second part of the shooting has a more glamorous and experimental tone thanks to the sartorial creations of Elisa Negri, who experimented with film, flowers and long draped fabrics. We imagined a Venus enveloped in darkness (and it was truly dark in that magnificent neoclassical corridor) and in order to achieve a more dramatic look I’ve used two external flashes. The dogs were precious guest stars who accompanied us even in the third part of the shooting, carefully matched to the various situations, with the help of an expert dog sitter.

Wedding inspiration shoot at Villa Bono

Family Tales

Finally, the third part of this journey led us to explore the historic rooms of the villa, the stage for a timeless family tale. Among the walls laden with history and ancient fireplaces as silent witnesses, we imagined the birth of an authentic love quietly declared through precious letters.
A romantic vintage-cut dress by Maura Brandino seems to come out of a by gone era novel, paired with the villa’s intricate walls.

Wedding inspiration shoot at Villa Bono

Villa Bono, with its views and its timeless aura, truly enchanted me. This wedding inspiration shoot is definitely one of the most creatively enriching experiences I’ve had. Heartfelt thanks to Chiara and her family for opening the doors of this magical place and for their warm hospitality.

Explore the gallery and get lost in this daydream.

Dream team

Concept: Giovanna Aprili and Benedetta Ombroni
Photos: Giovanna Aprili
Flowers and setting: I fiori di San Lorenzo
Video: Elisabetta Melfi
Location: Villa Bono Vaprio d’Adda
Dresses: Maura Brandino from Albertini Atelier, Elisa Negri studio, Dolcera official from Albertini Atelier
Stationery: ilTodisco
Dog sitting: Giulia_e_i_gialli
Models: Elisabetta Bartoli, Alice Sacco
Makeup and hair: Martina Lamberti Beauty Lab

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