Cosmos Gathering in Tuscany

A bunch of creative women seeking photography inspiration at Cosmos Gathering between Tuscany hills.

It was late 2018 when I’ve joined this amazing experience. Cosmos has been more than a photography Gathering in Tuscany.
Above all I think that it was a truly inner creative experience.
We were a little group of women, all photographers, and we’ve spent five days exploring our creativity. Some of us have reach Tuscany from Australia, USA, Switzerland and many other destinations.

Guided by a team of amazing hosts, first of all the lovely Lelia Scarfiotti, we’ve pushed our inner inspirations to create something new.

Personally it was a good way to recharge myself after a long, exhausting, wedding season. Yes, I’m blogging about this after more than a year. I personally think that this kind of experience needs time to be processed.

In conclusion, these are our five days between amazing food and incredible sets to shoot.

Lelia Scarfiotti
Cristina Nunez
Nataly Montanari
Alli Oughtred
Kelle Sauer

Planning Avenue Cipresso
Styling Fluida design
Dress Namanama vintage, What is worthy
Catering Oste gentiluomo
Location Montelodoli

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