Beach Wedding Inspiration Shoot on River Po

I’m happy to share with you this beach wedding inspiration shoot that I took few weeks ago.

Benedetta from I fiori di San Lorenzo and I wanted to create something special, a serie of photos of beach wedding inspiration settings and a bride on the beach.
But where we live there isn’t seasides, so we decided to create something unique by the river Po, in Mantova.

River Po is also called ‘il grande Fiume’ / the big river because it’s the longest river of Italy.

We spent an entire morning in search of the right location, scouting places because usually the shore of the river is full of rocks, while we were looking for a white sand beach.

We definitely found it in San Benedetto Po, a little town nearby Mantova city.

Then we decided to involve the beautiful Cristina, (she’s from Brazil, a perfect exotic bride) with her husband Marcello and their dog Gas.
To build up a great team of talented people we contacted Luca Becchi from Luca Becchi Lab for the arrangements and Monica Chicconi for make up.

We were inspired by the summertime sunsets, golden hour with a little but decisive touch of color.
The table was setting by Luca with boho-inspired mis-en-place and decorated by Benedetta with light pink flowers.

They arranged a ceremony corner with wild wood, while the cake corner was placed beside two beach chairs.

Monica did a great work on Cristina’s make up enhancing her beautiful ebony skin with a touch of gold.

Cristina was amazing in her wedding dress!
We waited for the sunset and the light was incredible.
So getting married on Fiume Po is definitely possible and we hope to be an inspiration for the brides of the future.

A big special thank to Bagnozerouno Beach, San Benedetto Po.
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