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Cosmos Gathering in Tuscany

Inspiration Shoot

A bunch of creative women seeking photography inspiration at Cosmos Gathering between Tuscany hills. It was late 2018 when I've joined this amazing experience. Cosmos has been more than a photogr...

Wedding open day a Villa dei Cipressi

Inspiration Shoot

Una giornata tra allestimenti incantati e bellezza in una villa adagiata sulle colline. Lo scorso ottobre ho avuto la bellissima opportunità di passare una giornata nella bellissima Villa dei ...

Vintage wedding in Palazzo Vecchia


A Vintage Wedding in Palazzo Vecchia - Ezio&Diletta Exquisite colorful details for a lovely Wedding in Palazzo Vecchia. Ezio and Diletta's Vintage wedding in Palazzo Vecchia was full of col...

Destination wedding in Villa Zambonina: Garreth&Elizabeth


What a lovely wedding day in Villa Zambonina!It was a mid summer afternoon when Garreth and Elizabeth tied the knot into the amazing Italian garden. I loved every moment of this day but my favorit...

Wedding inspiration at Villa Schiarino Lena

Inspiration Shoot

Last June I had the opportunity to share a beautiful wedding open day in one of my favorite locations, Villa Schiarino Lena. I've been surronded by talented wedding professionals and we welcomed ...

Tuscany wedding in Monteriggioni – Dimitri&Arielle


Destination wedding in Monteriggioni - Tuscany "Being surrounded by your beloved ones is the best thing in life." Dimitri and Arielle's Tuscany destination wedding in Monteriggioni was a rustic...

Boho wedding at Convento dell’Annunciata


Boho fairytale wedding at Convento dell'Annunciata A midsummer night's dream is the best way to describe this fairytales wedding into the wood. Let's dream together! Today I want to share with ...

Destination wedding in Sirmione – Matthew&Jessica


Matt&Jessica's Destination wedding in Sirmione - July, 2018 Just imagine a ceremony by the lake, a romantic photosession in the ancient romans ruins and a stunning dinner under the stars at grandm...

Sicily wedding in Commenda San Calogero – Andrea&Giada


This wedding in Commenda di San Calogero was like a dream that comes true! It was my first time as wedding photographer in Sicily and I was impressed by the beauty of this land. Just imagine the smel...