Destination wedding in Montelucci – Tuscany

Destination wedding in Montelucci – Michael and Alison

“Long you live and high you fly.
And smiles you’ll give and tears you’ll cry
and all you touch and all you see
is all your life will ever be.”

When Alison mailed me about her Destination wedding in Montelucci I couldn’t imagine that I was going to find another lovely spot to add to my favorite places list. A cozy typical courtyard with an amazing view is like a dream that comes true.

Just imagine a pale blue dress and an amazing view on the Tuscany hills in a warm day of May. Michael and Alison have chosen a typical cozy place to celebrate their Destination wedding surrounded by family and friends.

After an emotional ceremony in front of the hills they moved downstairs in the inner courtyard to enjoy a big Italian aperitivo. A typical Italian dinner followed full of speeches from their beloved ones.

We previously decided to take some photos during the Golden Hour but we missed it during the dinner so we made them during the Blue Hour instead.
That type of light was challenge for me and I found myself shooting in different mood than usual, moody and dramatic.
I wish to challenge myself again and again, away from my comfort zone. So exciting!

Alison hand painted the stationery by herself and every detail was made with love and special care. To receive their thank you card few days ago with some of the photos I took of them of their Destination wedding in Montelucci was absolutely heart-warming.
I feel very grateful for the opportunity to meet people like them, to cross their path and portray a little bit of their story.

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