This is my 2016 best of.
Another year is gone and I’m happy to share with you some of the most amazing memories about it.
This year means a lot for me, I’ve shoot a lot of beautiful weddings, met some of the most inspired people and travel a lot.
Seems that 2017 will be great too and I can’t wait to dive into new projects.
A big thank you to all the couples that trusted me so much, I’m so honored to have treasured your memories.

Another year is gone and I can’t be more happier to have an incredible man at my side.
I’m sure that we’ve got a lot of adventures to live together in future and I can’t wait to embrace them.

After my 2016 best of, these are my 2017 good intentions:
-to shoot a lot of films
-to believe more in film photography including it in weddings
-to shoot amazing editorials with my talented friend Benedetta
-to take another road trip around USA (or Iceland? Maybe Thailand?)
-to learn to use watercolors for my journal and travel diaries
-to shoot a wedding in Tuscany (yeah! This is an achieved goal, I’ll be in Tuscany in July!)
-to see U2 live
-to learn calligraphy

I think it could be enough for this year!


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