Sometimes you feel like home on the other side of the world.
This is the story of our big journey on the road around California-Utah-Nevada-Arizona.
16 days, more than 2000 miles on the road. Only Gianni and me.

All the photos were taken with Nikon DF and Nikon F75 film camera with Fuji PRO400H, developed and scanned at Carmencita Film Lab.

Days 1-3: Pacific Coast Highway / Santa Barbara / Big Sur
From LA to San Francisco across the Pacific Coast Highway. Miles and miles between ocean, mountains and forests.
Absolutely my favorite part of the trip.


photodiary-giovanna-aprili-verona-wedding-89 photodiary-giovanna-aprili-verona-wedding-90 wedding-photographer-santa-barbara photodiary-giovanna-aprili-verona-wedding-22 photodiary-giovanna-aprili-verona-wedding-23 photodiary-giovanna-aprili-verona-wedding-25 photodiary-giovanna-aprili-verona-wedding-26 photodiary-giovanna-aprili-verona-wedding-27 photodiary-giovanna-aprili-verona-wedding-28 photodiary-giovanna-aprili-verona-wedding-94 photodiary-giovanna-aprili-verona-wedding-95 photodiary-giovanna-aprili-verona-wedding-96 photodiary-giovanna-aprili-verona-wedding-93 photodiary-giovanna-aprili-verona-wedding-21 photodiary-giovanna-aprili-verona-wedding-97 photodiary-giovanna-aprili-verona-wedding-104 photodiary-giovanna-aprili-verona-wedding-105 photodiary-giovanna-aprili-verona-wedding-106 photodiary-giovanna-aprili-verona-wedding-16 photodiary-giovanna-aprili-verona-wedding-13 photodiary-giovanna-aprili-verona-wedding-108 photodiary-giovanna-aprili-verona-wedding-110 photodiary-giovanna-aprili-verona-wedding-111photodiary-giovanna-aprili-verona-wedding-8 photodiary-giovanna-aprili-verona-wedding-7 photodiary-giovanna-aprili-verona-wedding-6 photodiary-giovanna-aprili-verona-wedding-112


Days 4-5: – San Francisco / Yosemite National Park
We stayed in San Francisco for 2 days and then we moved to Yosemite Park, where we arrived early in the morning. We walked in the park surrounded by snow and foxes. We admired the beautiful waterfalls from the valley, walking around the rocks.

photodiary-giovanna-aprili-verona-wedding-84 photodiary-giovanna-aprili-verona-wedding-81 photodiary-giovanna-aprili-verona-wedding-83 film-photographer-san-francisco wedding-photographer-yosemite photodiary-giovanna-aprili-verona-wedding-116 photodiary-giovanna-aprili-verona-wedding-120 photodiary-giovanna-aprili-verona-wedding-117 photodiary-giovanna-aprili-verona-wedding-129 photodiary-giovanna-aprili-verona-wedding-130photodiary-giovanna-aprili-verona-wedding-125 photodiary-giovanna-aprili-verona-wedding-132 photodiary-giovanna-aprili-verona-wedding-134 photodiary-giovanna-aprili-verona-wedding-139

Days 6-7: Visalia / Death Valley / Las Vegas
From Visalia we moved to Las Vegas trough the Death Valley in the Nevada desert.
More than 5 hours driving in the desert and the only human presences that we have meet were in the city of Inyokern, 100 miles far from everywhere.

photodiary-giovanna-aprili-verona-wedding-149 photodiary-giovanna-aprili-verona-wedding-150
photodiary-giovanna-aprili-verona-wedding-142 photodiary-giovanna-aprili-verona-wedding-153 photodiary-giovanna-aprili-verona-wedding-154 photodiary-giovanna-aprili-verona-wedding-155 photodiary-giovanna-aprili-verona-wedding-156 photodiary-giovanna-aprili-verona-wedding-157 film-photographer-giovanna-aprili photodiary-giovanna-aprili-verona-wedding-162 photodiary-giovanna-aprili-verona-wedding-163 photodiary-giovanna-aprili-verona-wedding-164 photodiary-giovanna-aprili-verona-wedding-166 photodiary-giovanna-aprili-verona-wedding-167 photodiary-giovanna-aprili-verona-wedding-171photodiary-giovanna-aprili-verona-wedding-159 photodiary-giovanna-aprili-verona-wedding-168 photodiary-giovanna-aprili-verona-wedding-170
Days 8-10: Las Vegas / Zion National Park / Bryce Canyon
We stayed in Vegas for 2 days then we moved to Zion National Park.
We understand that we prefer to travel outside the city and lost ourselves in the big panoramas made of desert and mountains.
We slept at Bryce Canyon in a typical western hotel called Ruby’s Inn. Snow falls during all night there.
photodiary-giovanna-aprili-verona-wedding-35 photodiary-giovanna-aprili-verona-wedding-184 photodiary-giovanna-aprili-verona-wedding-182 photodiary-giovanna-aprili-verona-wedding-185 photodiary-giovanna-aprili-verona-wedding-78 photodiary-giovanna-aprili-verona-wedding-79 photodiary-giovanna-aprili-verona-wedding-75 photodiary-giovanna-aprili-verona-wedding-83 photodiary-giovanna-aprili-verona-wedding-85 photodiary-giovanna-aprili-verona-wedding-191

Days 11: Bryce Canyon / Grand Canyon
We visited the Bryce Canyon but in the first hours an heavy fog hid the orange hoodoos and rocks.
Suddenly in few minutes a cold wind has blown away all the clouds and the beautiful rocks amphitheater appeared in front of us.
photodiary-giovanna-aprili-verona-wedding-194 photodiary-giovanna-aprili-verona-wedding-193 photodiary-giovanna-aprili-verona-wedding-200 photodiary-giovanna-aprili-verona-wedding-212

We left Bryce at afternoon an moved to Grand Canyon, Arizona.

Days 12-13: Grand Canyon / Red Rocks Park / Sedona
We went to Grand Canyon Early in the morning but it was a foggy day and the paths were covered by snow. So we simply admired the panorama from the vista points.
We promised to ourselves to come back here in the right season and explore the South Rim in more days.
Then we moved to Sedona, a beautiful little city in the middle of the Red Rocks Park. Sedona is the New Age culture capital and there are a lot of strange people around there. Amazing place to see!
photodiary-giovanna-aprili-verona-wedding-216 photodiary-giovanna-aprili-verona-wedding-215 photodiary-giovanna-aprili-verona-wedding-217 photodiary-giovanna-aprili-verona-wedding-65 photodiary-giovanna-aprili-verona-wedding-61 photodiary-giovanna-aprili-verona-wedding-59 photodiary-giovanna-aprili-verona-wedding-56 photodiary-giovanna-aprili-verona-wedding-219 photodiary-giovanna-aprili-verona-wedding-51
photodiary-giovanna-aprili-verona-wedding-52 photodiary-giovanna-aprili-verona-wedding-53 photodiary-giovanna-aprili-verona-wedding-54 photodiary-giovanna-aprili-verona-wedding-55 photodiary-giovanna-aprili-verona-wedding-50

Then we reached Phoenix where we stayed for the night.

Days 15-16 – Phoenix / Arizona Desert / LA
We moved from Phoenix to Los Angeles through the Arizona desert. We spent all the Christmas’ Eve driving and we arrived in LA at night.
We spent the last 2 days in LA, visiting the city that was empty because of Christmas.

photodiary-giovanna-aprili-verona-wedding-106 photodiary-giovanna-aprili-verona-wedding-224 photodiary-giovanna-aprili-verona-wedding-92 photodiary-giovanna-aprili-verona-wedding-104 photodiary-giovanna-aprili-verona-wedding-93 photodiary-giovanna-aprili-verona-wedding-96 photodiary-giovanna-aprili-verona-wedding-95 photodiary-giovanna-aprili-verona-wedding-99 photodiary-giovanna-aprili-verona-wedding-101 photodiary-giovanna-aprili-verona-wedding-97 photodiary-giovanna-aprili-verona-wedding-220 photodiary-giovanna-aprili-verona-wedding-103I can’t explain how much this journey has meaning for us.
It was an amazing experience and we have decided to go back.
We hope to do it soon.

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  1. Le tue foto mi hanno sempre fatta sognare,ma qui ti sei veramente superata.
    Luoghi stupendi,surreali che diventano ancora piu belli col tuo tocco e la tua prospettiva…ho gli occhi a cuoricino <3

  2. Wow, amazing places! I envy you, I’ve always dreamt of an on-the-road holiday, wasn’t thinking as far as the United States, but now, after seeing how you captured the heart of the U.S., I may give it a thought…or two. 🙂 Love the photos!

    1. Oana, thank your for your kind words <3 !
      Yes there are amazing places there and trust me the photos show only a little bit of the real beauty/wildness/vastness of them.


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