Your wedding photos: 5 moments that you can’t miss out

Moments fly by, but the photos will be forever. Here’s a list of 5 unique moments that absolutely got to be captured in your wedding photos. They’ll make you feel all the magic even years later.

Wedding day is filled with precious and emotional moments that deserve to be captured, so they can be relived forever. As a photographer, my mission is to catch the most significant and magical moments of the day. In this article, I will guide you through the 5 moments that most deeply touch my couples every time they revisit their wedding photos.

The first look

It’s an incredibly emotional moment. It’s an Anglo-Saxon tradition, and literally, it’s the moment when the couple sees each other for the first time just before the ceremony. Choose an hidden location away from your guests, and while one of you waits with closed eyes, the other approaches from behind to then face each other. I assure you that the emotion you’ll feel will be truly intense! And it’s also intense for someone like me who documents this moment from a short distance. This shot will be a treasure to cherish for a lifetime.

Foto di matrimonio first look
Foto di matrimonio first look

The ceremony

The ceremony is the heart of the wedding and is filled with moments to capture. From the bride’s first steps down the aisle, to the vows that often move the couple, to the teary-eyed looks of family and friends. The moments of happiness and emotion during the ceremony are a unique opportunity to tell the story of your wedding through images. And did you know that behind you lies a world full of small stories? Children with funny expressions, touched fathers, glances exchanged between friends… all promptly documented.

Foto di matrimonio cerimonia

The first kiss

I now pronounce you husband and wife’ – and the applause that follows is one of the most emotionally charged moments ever. The first kiss as husband and wife is one of the most iconic and romantic moments of the wedding. As a photographer, I always make sure to have a privileged position to capture it. A well-captured image of the first kiss becomes the centerpiece of the entire photo story.

Your wedding photos- first kiss


How do you envision your day? Through delicate, elegant, or colorful and extravagant details?
Of course, you have carefully chosen the details. They are an important part and make it all ‘yours’. Ask yourselves what truly represents you and don’t be afraid to include it in your day. Everything should speak about you.

Thanks to the photographs, you will be able to relive the beauty that you have dreamed of and carefully planned.

YOur wedding photos - details

The first dance

One of my favorite moments! The first dance of the newlyweds is a moment of intimacy shared in front of the eyes of friends and family. Choose a song that moves you, that speaks about you. Don’t be afraid if you’re not perfect dancers, you simply need to surrender yourselves to each other’s arms. Enjoy this unique moment.

It could also be an opportunity to leave your guests in awe, like Enrico and Miriam who spent months rehearsing a choreography to a song from the movie La La Land and performed it during their first dance.

Moments of magic and astonishment guaranteed!

Your wedding photos - bride and groom first dance

Remember, these are just a few of the most significant moments, but every wedding is unique and deserves to be documented in a special way.

Capturing the unforgettable moments during the wedding requires sensitivity, experience, and attention to detail. As a photographer, my goal is to create a visual story that will make you relive the emotions of your wedding every time you look at the photos.

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